About Our Food


All of our chicken products are sourced from chickens raised without the use of antibiotics and fed a vegetable grain diet, free of animal by-products. Our Chicken Fillet, Chicken Strips and Mini Chicken Sliders are also made with 100% White Breast Meat, in whole muscle form (not ground).


Our mozzarella cheese is made with 100% British milk. Papa Pizza is proud to support British dairy farmers who dedicate their lives to producing milk of the highest quality.


Our pizza dough is made with 100% British Wheat and spring water, made fresh in our delivery shops daily. Our crust is now thinner and dusted with durum semolina flour for a lighter artisan flavour.


Our homestyle tomato sauce is made up of simple ingredients you can find in your own home, including: extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, sea salt, oregano, black pepper & garlic. Our vine ripened tomatoes are harvested at their peak and fresh packed within 6 hours to seal in their bold, vibrant flavours.


PapaPizza does not offer any egg or egg products as part of our extensive menu offering. We do however have a small number of items that contain egg as minor ingredients.